As Time Goes By...

This page is for my friends and anyone who would like to listen to this :-)

Making Music with Jörg (2014 and 2019)

In 2014, Jörg Steinert and I started making music together - he would record his guitar in Berlin and then I would add my singing in Oberammergau. Since we resumed this beautiful adventure, I decided to publish the old records and add any new ones that we create these days...

18.05.2019 Alone Again (Gilbert O'Sullivan)
24.03.2019 Martha My Dear (The Beatles)
17.03.2019 Gee Baby (Jazz Standard)
14.06.2014 Don't let me be Lonely Tonight (James Taylor)
11.06.2014 Mis Otis (Jazz Standard)
05.05.2014 Nature Boy (Jazz Standard)

Potsdam - live at the "Pferdestall" October 2014

1 These Boots Are Made For Walking
2 Santa Baby

Potsdam - live at the "Pferdestall" March 2014

1 Blues in the Night
2 Makin' Whoppee
3 I'll Build a Stairway to Paradise
4 Straighten up and Fly Right

Singing with Antje - 2011

Vocals: Britta Gainey and Antje Haensel
Piano: Antje Haensel
We are just tooling along, singing a song, and record whatever happens...

1 Angel Eyes (Britta)
2 Follow You Follow me (Genesis) (Britta: lead vocals, Antje: back vocals)
3 Close Your Eyes (James Taylor) (Antje: lead vocals, Britta: back vocals)
4 In the Wee Small Hours (Britta: lead and tons of back vocals)
5 Where is Love (Antje: lead vocals, Britta: back vocals)
6 The Way You Look Tonight (Britta: lead vocals, Antje: back vocals)
7 Willow Weep For Me (Britta: lead vocals, Antje: back vocals)

Gig "Avalim - Orient Meets Okzident" - 2004

1 Video "What a Difference a Day Makes" Video
2 Video "Whatever Lola Wants" Video

Studio Recording - Somewhere between 2001 and 2004

Da Genetix - Someone U' Love (written by Frosty)
I need to check with Frosty whether it is ok to post this unpublished material here....

Nr.2 - 2001

Vocals: Britta Gainey
Music: Playbacks
The songs were recorded during my singing lessons at Holm Kaulfuss' "Art of Voice"

1 As Time Goes By
2 Whatever Lola Wants
3 Moonlight In Vermont
4 But Not For Me
5 How Long Has This Been Going On
6 Big Spender
7 What A Difference A Day Makes
8 E penso a te
9 Bidin My Time
10 Cry Me A River
11 Spring Will Be A Little Late This Year

Two Cats & Coffee - 2000

Guitar and vocals: Britta Gainey
Background vocals: Ouida Bryant, Rozz A., Britta Gainey
Mix: William Downing

1 Photographs And Memories
Jim Croce
2 The Wind Knows My Name
Fairground Attraction
3 Amazing Grace
4 I Don't Want To Talk About It
Rod Stewart
5 Ohio
Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young
6 Time After Time
Cindy Lauper
7 Vincent
Don McLean
8 Any Guy
9 The Bergen
The Tannahill Weavers
10 Hard Times
Stephen C. Foster
11 I'd Cross The Wild Atlantic
12 Babylon
Don McLean
13 Sleepless
Eleanor McEvoy
14 Alone Again (Naturally)
Gilbert O'Sullivan

10 Jahre Feldmann Media Group 1999

Piano: Stefan Kammerer
Vocals: Britta Gainey (back then Britta Worms)

1 Video "Zwei Programmierer" (based on "Zwei alte Tanten" by Georg Kreisler) Video